FPT Group offers a broad range of centralized products in the areas of energy, automation and industrial digitalization, through its commercial partner Siemens, which is one of the world’s largest producers of efficient energy systems and resource optimization; also, it is a leading provider of power generation and transmission systems.

Low voltage distribution

FPT Group offers a wide range of products for the electrical distribution in its final stage of low voltage (less than 1 KV) from networks of high/medium voltage systems for industry and residential systems.

Our products for low voltage distribution include:

  • Energy and monitoring systems
  • Boards – Swtichboards/Switchgear
  • Electrical protections (Sentron)
  • Engine control center

Motors and variators

FPT Group offers the complete range of motors manufactured by siemens to satisfy the demands of the most demanding processes of the industries, at the same time we offer devices of variation of electric frequency to modify the speeds of action of the motors adapting them to the different processes and helping to the optimization of electrical resources.

Our products in the line of motors and variators include:

  • Movement control
  • Frequency variator (Sinamics)
  • Medium/high voltage motors
  • DC motors
  • Servo motors
  • Sinumerik

Industrial Automation

FPT Group offers the full range of industrial process automation products offered by siemens to meet the control needs of low, medium and high performance equipment.

Our products for industrial automation include:

  • Simatic S7-1200, S7-1500, ET 200SP
  • Logo 8
  • Simatic HMI
  • Sirius

Process Instrumentation

FPT Group offers a wide range of industrial instrumentation products that serve to measure, transmit and control variables of industrial processes of motion control seeking to optimize resources.

Our products for process instrumentation include:

  • Pressure gauges (Sitrans-P)
  • Temperature gauges (Sitrans-T)
  • Level gauges (Sitrans-L)
  • Flow meters (Sitrans-F)