FPT Group through its commercial partner Parker Hannifin, offers a large number and variety of products associated with control and movement technologies, including processes of: climate control, electro-mechanics, filtration, hydraulics, pneumatics, gas and fluid handling and process control and sealing.


FPT Group offers a wide variety of products for the control, handling, and purification of liquids according to their specific properties depending on the conditions to which they are subjected.

Our extensive line of hydraulic products includes:
  • Engines, including braking motors, high-speed motors and geared motors.
  • Repair kits for engines
  • Power sources
  • Pumps, including piston, paddle, hand, gear pumps and its spare parts.
  • Valves, including flow control valves, passage valves, ball valves, cartridge valves, control valves, flow dividers
  • Filtration systems and filter media designed for a wide range of filter types and configurations


FPT Group offers a variety of equipment that applies the use of compressed air as a way of transmitting energy and allowing the operation of systems and mechanisms.

Our line of pneumatic products includes:

  • Actuators
  • Connections
  • Industrial valves
  • Filters for compressed air systems
  • Compressed air transmission lines and accessories
  • Vacuum pump
  • Cylinder repair kits


FPT Group offers a wide range of products for industrial filtration, filters and filter media, including filters for different industrial and plant equipment, in different areas, food and beverages, transport, marine industry, transport and other applications.

Our filtration product line includes:

  • Hydraulic filtration
  • Filtration for air preparation
  • Engine filters
  • Filtration for processes


FPT Group offers a wide range of industrial instrumentation products that serve to measure, transmit and control variables of industrial processes of motion control seeking to optimize resources.

Our instrumentation product line includes:

  • Sensors and accessories
  • Instrumentation valves
  • Transmitters and transducers
  • Thermometers
  • Couplings


FPT Group offers a wide range of electromechanical products used for the control of industrial processes that combine electricity, magnetism and motorization to meet their demands.

Our electromechanical product line includes:

  • Variators
  • Electromechanical motors
  • Accessories