FPT Group through Daifuku Webb offers technologies focused on the handling and transfer of finished or in process materials, combining controls for the storage, organization, transfer and collection of materials.


Daifuku solutions for the manufacturing industry help companies optimize logistics in their production processes. From food, beverages and medical supplies to machinery, metalworking, electrical products and everything else, Daifuku has material handling solutions that meet the needs of automation and labor savings in virtually any industry and manufacturing sector.

The different distribution and manufacturing systems that we offer are:

  • Unit load AS/RS systems
  • Minimum load AS/RS systems
  • Systems for placing racks


Daifuku provides transport and storage systems in rooms that automate the production of semiconductors and flat screens for users around the world. Thanks to the incredible technical skill that places Daifuku at the forefront of the industry, these systems produce minimal amounts of dirt, keep vibration levels low and guarantee first class reliability to facilitate operations in semiconductor and flat panel plants last generation.

In recent years, unique technologies such as nitrogen purge and air flotation have allowed manufacturers to miniaturize their semiconductors and give their flat screens an even sharper image quality, improving the production of the world’s most advanced digital products.

The different clean room production systems that we manage are:

  • Clean Stoker
  • Zip Tower 30
  • Nitrogen Purge stocker
  • Conveyor belts and chains

Daifuku aerial and ground conveyor belts and chains systems use carts or Daifuku’s Magic technology. They are solid and reliable systems that can be used in various environments. The uses include very severe situations, such as the transport of light, medium and heavy loads in different industrial areas.


Automatic guided vehicles are offered, including the FAV that operates without rails, the FAC and classification transfer vehicles that work with rails and the Space Carrier with aerial monorail system.