We are representatives and distributors of renowned brands in the market and we have their support, in turn we offer services and engineering solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

FPT Group through its commercial partner Parker Hannifin, offers a large number and variety of products associated with control and movement technologies, including processes of: climate control, electro-mechanics, filtration, hydraulics, pneumatics, gas and fluid handling and process control and sealing.


FPT Group offers a wide variety of products for the control, handling, and purification of liquids according to their specific properties depending on the conditions to which they are subjected.

Our extensive line of hydraulic products includes:
  • Engines, including braking motors, high-speed motors and geared motors.
  • Repair kits for engines
  • Power sources
  • Pumps, including piston, paddle, hand, gear pumps and its spare parts.
  • Valves, including flow control valves, passage valves, ball valves, cartridge valves, control valves, flow dividers
  • Filtration systems and filter media designed for a wide range of filter types and configurations


FPT Group offers a variety of equipment that applies the use of compressed air as a way of transmitting energy and allowing the operation of systems and mechanisms.

Our line of pneumatic products includes:

  • Actuators
  • Connections
  • Industrial valves
  • Filters for compressed air systems
  • Compressed air transmission lines and accessories
  • Vacuum pump
  • Cylinder repair kits


FPT Group offers a wide range of products for industrial filtration, filters and filter media, including filters for different industrial and plant equipment, in different areas, food and beverages, transport, marine industry, transport and other applications.

Our filtration product line includes:

  • Hydraulic filtration
  • Filtration for air preparation
  • Engine filters
  • Filtration for processes


FPT Group offers a wide range of industrial instrumentation products that serve to measure, transmit and control variables of industrial processes of motion control seeking to optimize resources.

Our instrumentation product line includes:

  • Sensors and accessories
  • Instrumentation valves
  • Transmitters and transducers
  • Thermometers
  • Couplings


FPT Group offers a wide range of electromechanical products used for the control of industrial processes that combine electricity, magnetism and motorization to meet their demands.

Our electromechanical product line includes:

  • Variators
  • Electromechanical motors
  • Accessories

FPT Group as an ally of the company Atlas Copco has the faculty to offer all the products of the business area of ​​”Compressor Technique” among which stand out the air compressors stationary Atlas Copco brand as well as air treatment equipment, industrial gases , vacuum pumps and other related products.

FPT Group offers a wide range of reliable industrial air compressors, energy efficient and profitable for low, medium and high-pressure applications.

The different types of equipment for the industry that we handle are:

  • Compressors lubricated with oil (screw and piston)
  • Water-lubricated compressors (Screw)
  • Oil-free compressors (Piston, Teeth and Scroll)

With Atlas Copco you know that you are acquiring state-of-the-art technology, which provides you with the most reliable and efficient products in terms of energy designed to reduce your production costs and increase your profitability. We have been a leader in the design and manufacture of air and gas compressors for more than 100 years.

Atlas Copco has led the development of:

  • Oil-free Class 0 compressors
  • variable speed drive technology (VSD)
  • advanced control systems such as Elektronikon and Smartlink
  • air dryers
  • condensate separators
  • energy recovery units

Air treatment

Our range of air dryers protects your systems and processes reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Absorption Air Dryers

Operation of adsorption dryers

Humid air passes directly through the desiccant, which adsorbs moisture. The desiccant has a limited moisture adsorption capacity, after which it must be dried or regenerative. To do this, the tower containing the saturated desiccant is depressurized and the accumulated water is expelled.

The way in which this occurs depends on the type of adsorption dryer:

  • Driers without thermal regeneration use only compressed air as a purge.
  • Blower regenerative dryers use a combination of air from an external blower, heat and a minimum amount of compressed air.
  • Dryers regenerative by the heat of compression use the heat of compression.

AD, BD and CD adsorption air dryers

Our AD, BD and CD adsorption air dryers remove moisture from compressed air on their own to protect your equipment, products and processes. They have a high energy efficiency and are easy to use, 360-1600 l / s.

AD, CD and BD air dryers have different technologies

  • Adsorption air dryers with regeneration by hot evaporation AD use compressed air and heat.
  • Adsorption air dryers with BD blower regeneration combine air from an external blower with heat and a minimum amount of compressed air.
  •  CD adsorption air dryers without thermal regeneration use only compressed air as a purge.
  • AD, BD and CD adsorption air dryers come with everything included.
  • AD, BD and CD adsorption dryers provide the dry and clean air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your final product.

All of them incorporate an exclusive patented technology and energy saving options. They’re available different sizes with a pressure dew point of only -40 ° C (-40 ° F) from 360 to 1600 l / s in a cabinet with IP54 protection.


Reduce your energy costs

Large diameter tanks, together with tubes and valves of suitable size, minimize pressure drops. Its efficient control system guarantees the correct use of your absorption dryer.

Reduce your production downtime

Avoid contamination to prolong the life of your equipment and increase the quality of your products. The low-pressure dew point of our products, -40 ° C (-40 ° F), prevents the entry of water into your products and processes.

Easy installation

Ready to use to delivery and designed to avoid hidden installation costs. All components, including silencers, sensors and control units, are mounted on a sturdy frame with integrated forklift slots.


  • Mining
  • General industry


Drying machines with rotary drum MDG, MD and ND

Compressed air dryer 200-4000 l / sMDG, MD and ND rotary drum dryers provide cost-effective dry and oil-free air. They are ideal for the food and beverage industries, energy generation, pharmaceutical and other processes of great importance.

Rotary drum dryers with high energy efficiency

Regenerative dryers by the heat of drum compression are an energy-efficient way to generate dry air. They are the perfect complement for your oil-free centrifugal or screw compressors. They use the heat generated in the compression process to regenerate the desiccant, heat that is normally lost with the technologies of two drying towers. Our rotary drum dryers prevent any loss of compressed air and require a very small amount of energy to reach very low dew points.

  • Drier with MDG rotary drum at 450l / s: dew points of -40 ° C / F and lower.
  • MD rotary drum dryer from 200 to 4000 l / s: dew point of -25 ° C / -13 ° F.
  • ND rotary drum dryer from 300 to 4000 l / s: dew point of -45 ° C / -49 ° F.
  • A dryer version with variable speed drive (VSD) is available to adapt to the lower energy consumption of oil-free VSD compressors.


Reduce energy costs

The rotary drum dryers MDG, MD and ND are designed with zero purge, which prevents the formation of compressed air waste typical of two tower dryers; In addition, they have a low pressure drop.

Greater efficiency

The ND rotary dryer controller carefully manages the heat output to achieve the requested performance.

Intelligent and efficient heating.

Intelligent AIR solution A complete and energy efficient solution requires an integrated system consisting of air compressors, filters, dryers and controllers. The products in our range of compressed air are fully optimized to work together.

Minimum space requirements

Of reduced size and compact, particularly, in comparison with the systems lubricated by oil that require filtration.

Environmental protection

MD and ND rotary drum dryers are completely free of freon and harmful CFCs. 95% of its components are recyclable.

Regulations for food and drinks

ISO 22000 certification for our production plant of oil-free compressors in Antwerp (Belgium). The food safety management system is applicable to all our air compressors exempt of oil of class 0 of type Z, as well as dryers and related filters.


  • Food and drinks
  • Energy generation
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive

BD + CD + XD + Desiccant Dryers

BD + 100-3000 l / s series dryers – CD + series25-1400 l / s – XD + Series 550-3600 l / s. The BD + and CD + desiccant dryers are designed to work with lubricated and oil-free compressors, the XD + series desiccant dryers are designed to work specifically with oil-free compressors.


Maximizes energy savings

Our BD +, CD + and XD + desiccant air dryers adapt their energy use to the actual load. This is how they make you save substantially.

Protect your production

Our patented Elektronikon control guarantees maximum operational efficiency. Protects your production with advanced warnings for service and operational parameters.

Meet the highest quality food and beverage standard

ISO 22000 certification for our oil-free production facilities in Antwerp, Belgium. The food safety management system applies to all our class 0 Z-type oil less air compressors and dryers and filters.

Optimal durability

Improve the life of your air dryers. Its proven and resistant design allows to change the high-quality stainless-steel valves.

Longer service intervals

Compared to standard activated alumina, the use of high-quality desiccant materials can double the life of your installation. Stainless steel significantly extends valve service intervals, reducing production downtime and maintenance costs.

Easy installation

It is supplied ready for use, with no hidden installation costs. All components, including silencers, sensors and control unit, are mounted on a solid base frame with integrated slots for forklifts.


  • Food and drinks
  • Medicine and health


Refrigerator air dryers

Refrigerant type F dryers

Compact, low maintenance and compatible with most compressor and application technologies.Applications The air that comes out of a compressor reaches 100% humidity. The rear coolers and traps are the first line of defense against the presence of water in your system. Atlas Copco dryers eliminate residual moisture to provide completely dry air in those applications that require optimum air quality:

  • Inflation of tires.
  • Spray paint.
  • Packaging.
  • Automotive mechanic.

Refrigerated industrial air dryers FX

Our industrial refrigeration air dryers FX help you reduce operating costs and avoid downtime due to corrosion and damage by condensation of compressed air.

Refrigerator air dryer FD

The refrigerant air dryer FD guarantees a low cost of life and a precise dew point, as well as a fast return on investment. Based on direct expansion technology, our high-quality FD refrigeration air dryers remove moisture from the compressed air with a stable dew point of only +3 ° C (+37.4 ° F). There are versions available cooled by water and air.


Reduce the cost of useful life

The FD compressed air dryers incorporate advanced energy saving functions and achieve low pressure drops to reduce the total energy consumption. The FD can reach 6-4000 l / s.

The quietest in its category

FD compressed air dryers include a soundproof body that greatly reduces sound levels.

Maintenance simplicity

The FD air dryer is delivered in a sturdy rack with integrated forklift slots, ready for use. Our refrigeration air dryers do not use any consumables and only require regular inspections and cleanings.


  • Marine applications
  • Car
  • General industry

FD air dryer (VSD) +

Compressed air dryer 1250-2400 l / s


Total protection of your application

The refrigerant dryer FD (VSD), 1250-2400 l / s, removes moisture from the compressed air with a dew point of only +3 ° C / + 37 ° F.The innovative design of the compressed air dryer FD + makes possible an excellent energy saving:

  • Electronic regulation valves.
  • Advanced control thanks to the Elektronikon Mk5.
  • High efficiency heat exchanger.
  • R410: refrigerant gas that respects the environment.
  • High efficiency scroll refrigerant compressor.
  • Loss-free condensate traps, which prevent the waste of compressed air.
  • EC cooling fans, which consume less energy than other units.
  • Versions cooled by water and air available.
  • More options available.

Save up to 65% in energy with VSD technology

More than 35% of the life cycle cost of a dryer corresponds to the energy it consumes. To reduce energy costs we offer FD compressed air dryers (VSD) + with variable speed drive technology (VSD). The VSD allows to achieve great energy savings, reduce the consumption of fuels used for the production of energy and protect the environment for future generations.


Greater energy efficiency

The compressed air dryer FD (VSD) + saves energy from the first minute of use thanks to its low pressure drop, its high efficiency components and its advanced control system. Reaches 1250-2400 l / s.

Smart AIR solutions

The FD + air dryer, designed to be used in conjunction with our range of state-of-the-art air compressors and controllers, saves energy and protects your production.

Pure compressed air

The FD air dryer (VSD) + exceeds the purity requirements of the compressed air of the international standard ISO 8573-1: 2010 Class 4.


  • Marine applications
  • Automotive
  • General industry

Membrane air dryers

Forget oil and particles with the best air conditions in the admission of the drying membrane. Discover how our SD membrane dryers adapt to your compressed air applications. Atlas Copco SD membrane dryers with pre-filters remove moisture, oil and particulates from compressed air under the most demanding conditions. The dryers offer the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money. From small spaces to environments with large fluctuations in ambient temperature, SD dryers can operate in the most severe conditions.

There are two models available to offer you the exact air treatment you need.




The SD dryers have an excellent performance in a variety of environments: from small spaces, applications that require a flexible assembly and zones of high vibration to spaces with large temperature fluctuations.

Guaranteed security

Our SD dryers comply with strict safety and environmental requirements. This includes low flow environments, areas without power supply, explosion-proof facilities and areas sensitive to noise and corrosion. It does not require electricity.

Critical environments

Since they do not need electricity, SD dryers can operate safely in explosion-proof environments such as laboratories.

Meets all requirements

With different dew point suppression for different models, the SD dryer can meet all kinds of performance requirements.

Low sound levels

Thanks to its quiet operation, you can use SD dryers near the workplace.

Save energy

Thanks to the simplicity of its design, its compressed air will not make any kind of turn during its journey inside the casing. As a result, you get a minimum pressure drop and maximum drying efficiency.

Wiring for construction

General Cable offers a complete line of copper and aluminum alloy cables for virtually any application in the construction sector. Our cables provide the necessary energy for any residential, industrial, commercial or institutional project.

Whether it is an office building, a hospital, a school, a theater, a residential complex or a whole city, our cables provides the high yield and performance solutions that meet the strictest standards and tests nationally and internationally.

The different types of cables for the construction that we handle are:

  • Aluminum alloy power cable, armed cables and for service entrance
  • Copper power cables and cables for construction

Cables for transmission and distribution of energy

For more than a century, General Cable has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of high performance cables for the transmission and distribution of energy by air, underground and under the sea.

Whether it is based on coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind, solar or hydraulic, from the extraction of resources to generation, transmission and distribution, we are the supplier chosen by the leaders of the energy industry in the land and maritime markets in constant evolution around the world.

The different types of cables for transmission and distribution of energy that we manage are:

  • Bare air conductor
  • Low and medium voltage distribution cable
  • Underground high voltage and extra high voltage solutions
  • Subsea transmission and distribution solutions
  • Optical cable to ground and cable for winding

Cables for communications

We offer high-tech cables, products and systems that keep information moving, facilitating the incessant flow of messages, words, images and sounds around the planet.

Submarine fiber optic cables for communications. Underground and aerial copper and fiber optic cables. Sophisticated systems solutions. Structured cabling systems and more. General Cable produces practically an endless variety of products for endless applications.

The different types of cables for the communications that we handle are:

  • Cables for professional and commercial audio and video transmission
  • Cables for electrical equipment
  • Optical fiber cables
  • Cables for special applications
  • Telecommunications cables
  • Coaxial for video surveillance, antennas and digital signals
  • Cables for fire alarms LSZH and fire resistant

Wiring for special applications

With General Cable, FPT Group offers innovative solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of a wide variety of industries, that is why we have wiring created specifically for unconventional industries.

From oil rigs to cars and trains, a mine or a public space, General Cable products and cables do their job.

The different types of special application cables that we handle are:

  • Cables for Gas and Oil Industry
  • Cables for the Mining Industry
  • Cables for the Railway Industry
  • Cables for Naval Industry
  • Rod & Strip
  • Compounds

FPT Group offers a broad range of centralized products in the areas of energy, automation and industrial digitalization, through its commercial partner Siemens, which is one of the world’s largest producers of efficient energy systems and resource optimization; also, it is a leading provider of power generation and transmission systems.

Low voltage distribution

FPT Group offers a wide range of products for the electrical distribution in its final stage of low voltage (less than 1 KV) from networks of high/medium voltage systems for industry and residential systems.

Our products for low voltage distribution include:

  • Energy and monitoring systems
  • Boards – Swtichboards/Switchgear
  • Electrical protections (Sentron)
  • Engine control center

Motors and variators

FPT Group offers the complete range of motors manufactured by siemens to satisfy the demands of the most demanding processes of the industries, at the same time we offer devices of variation of electric frequency to modify the speeds of action of the motors adapting them to the different processes and helping to the optimization of electrical resources.

Our products in the line of motors and variators include:

  • Movement control
  • Frequency variator (Sinamics)
  • Medium/high voltage motors
  • DC motors
  • Servo motors
  • Sinumerik

Industrial automation

FPT Group offers the full range of industrial process automation products offered by siemens to meet the control needs of low, medium and high performance equipment.

Our products for industrial automation include:

  • Simatic S7-1200, S7-1500, ET 200SP
  • Logo 8
  • Simatic HMI
  • Sirius

Process instrumentation

FPT Group offers a wide range of industrial instrumentation products that serve to measure, transmit and control variables of industrial processes of motion control seeking to optimize resources.

Our products for process instrumentation include:

  • Pressure gauges (Sitrans-P)
  • Temperature gauges (Sitrans-T)
  • Level gauges (Sitrans-L)
  • Flow meters (Sitrans-F)

FPT Group through Daifuku Webb offers technologies focused on the handling and transfer of finished or in process materials, combining controls for the storage, organization, transfer and collection of materials.

Distribution and manufacturing

Daifuku solutions for the manufacturing industry help companies optimize logistics in their production processes. From food, beverages and medical supplies to machinery, metalworking, electrical products and everything else, Daifuku has material handling solutions that meet the needs of automation and labor savings in virtually any industry and manufacturing sector.

The different distribution and manufacturing systems that we offer are:

  • Unit load AS/RS systems
  • Minimum load AS/RS systems
  • Systems for placing racks

Clean room production line

Daifuku provides transport and storage systems in rooms that automate the production of semiconductors and flat screens for users around the world. Thanks to the incredible technical skill that places Daifuku at the forefront of the industry, these systems produce minimal amounts of dirt, keep vibration levels low and guarantee first class reliability to facilitate operations in semiconductor and flat panel plants last generation.

In recent years, unique technologies such as nitrogen purge and air flotation have allowed manufacturers to miniaturize their semiconductors and give their flat screens an even sharper image quality, improving the production of the world’s most advanced digital products.

The different clean room production systems that we manage are:

  • Clean Stoker
  • Zip Tower 30
  • Nitrogen Purge stocker
  • Conveyor belts and chains

Daifuku aerial and ground conveyor belts and chains systems use carts or Daifuku’s Magic technology. They are solid and reliable systems that can be used in various environments. The uses include very severe situations, such as the transport of light, medium and heavy loads in different industrial areas.

Automatic guided vehicles

Automatic guided vehicles are offered, including the FAV that operates without rails, the FAC and classification transfer vehicles that work with rails and the Space Carrier with aerial monorail system.