FPT Group has more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the supply of equipment, parts and spare parts, as well as the development of engineering projects and provision of comprehensive solutions within the different industrial sectors.

We offer a broad range of solutions for different industries and we have the ability to develop medium to large scale projects, offering engineering, supply, installation and commissioning & start-up.

Strategically located in the region and through our highly qualified staff, we provide technical assistance to develop projects at different levels, from planning and design to assembly and training for provided equipment.


To offer comprehensive solutions that bring calm, confidence and satisfaction to the projects of our clients, through our highly qualified staff and efficient representation in Latin America and the Caribbean of worldwide leading brands.


Being a reference company in Latin America and the Caribbean for the management and development of industrial projects that promotes, through its services, the socioeconomic improvement of the communities and entities where these are carried out.



Quality at maximum is excellence. In FPT Group we demand the best, to give the best. And we want our customers to see that we offer something excellent to encourage them to stay with us.


In a social environment where everything can be investigated, in FPT Group we integrate transparency into our team and transmit it to our clients, because transparency implies trust and human relationships, including business relationships, through which we build trust.


FPT Group introduces itself and to others as it is, we use truth as our work engine to avoid creating false expectations and knowing how far we can go.


At FPT Group we generate quality relationships from within our company. Achieving fluid and effective dynamics, to accomplish a high level of trust among our customers and workers to generate very productive relationships.


Being responsible is acquiring awareness of the decisions that are made during business management. In FPT Group the responsibility is both internal and external: from employees themselves to the customers and the general environment. Always maintaining an ethical and professional position.



Operations begin in Panama and the group obtains the representation of Parker Hannifin for Panama.


We registered our first sale to the Panamanian state and the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

Commercial office is established in Panama.


Siemens representation is obtained for Venezuela and Panama.

Authorization is established for the sale of General Cable products for Venezuela and Panama.

A strategic alliance is established to offer Jervis Webb brand products in Venezuela.


Atlas Copco representation is obtained for Panama.